Discovery Northwest, PSC
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Discover whether your program goals and objectives are being met; determine if the outcomes you desire and expect are being achieved.


Learn as we support you in creating a self-assessment you can administer and analyze; or by developing one for you that we will implement and manage.


Achieve outcomes as we analyze impact and recommend solutions based on the evidence from our analytics that will modify, adapt or if needed, completely transform your approach.


Decision makers need real-time analytics to make informed decisions about processes, systems and programs. Without real-time analytics decision makers are making decisions in the dark, sometimes just guessing based on historic data or trends. Discovery Northwest supports effective decision making through analytics that provide evidence based solutions. The unique culture and context of your organization are primary considerations in our analytic process. Our analytic process is designed for clients who need support with leadership development, organizational development, learning and development, process improvement, systems adaptation, and diverse organizational initiatives.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is one of our specializations and a primary focus, and that’s why we know there is no good evidence that leadership development programs actually produce leaders. We realize after 25 years of leadership development research and practice, that leadership effectiveness is a product of  unique culture and context variables and that’s why canned, off-the-shelf, one-size-fits all approached don’t often yield desired outcomes. This is why we strive to identify, understand, and utilize your unique context and culture in our Impact Assessment Program that will provide you with evidence-based solutions for your leadership development initiatives. It takes more time to do this and may cost more than canned programs; however, doing so will enable you to determine whether or not your leadership development initiatives are actually making a positive impact and producing leaders; and if they are not, then we assist you in developing programs whose impact can be assessed to justify your investment in this crucial organizational resource.