Analytics is crucial because without it, the impact of investments cannot be determined. Decision makers simply can’t know what is happening, why it is happening, or even if results are being achieved. Decision making is dramatically improved with real-time information and analytics from assessment. Without it, decision makers are really flying blind. Our assessment and analytics eliminates such blindness.

Whether your focus is improving a program, process, system or project, or making major cultural and leadership changes, quantifiable proof is absolutely required to know that either poor performance or success is clearly connected to the organization; its leadership and management, and all related processes and systems, including training, so that the organization can rule out factors beyond its control. Clarity with questions such as:

What are we trying to accomplish?

What do we need to do to accomplish these goals?

How do we define success?

How can we measure success?

How will we know when we have succeeded?

How can we do better over time?”

Discovery Northwest helps you sort this out and answer those crucial questions.

It is easy to make the mistake of relying on past success or someone’s experience to make decisions; however, this is merely a form of operating in the dark because everything changes, including context; and relying on the past or even experience often misses changing dynamics and context. The changes can often be subtle, especially to those who are immersed in operations. That is a major benefit of utilizing an independent eye.

Change occurs when organizations adopt two critical processes. The first is acculturation where employees are engaged and aligned at all levels; however, equally, if not more critical, is assessment to measure the impact of initiatives. Rigorous assessment, occurring systematically with the organization’s processes and culture, is an inextricable component  of a feedback loop that informs and affirms that work leads to desired results and sustainable growth. Without uncovering the impact “what is happening” at all levels of the organization, corrections and continuous effective improvement are made, much more problematic. Assessment is the critical component in the feedback loop absolutely necessary to improve the functioning of all systems.

A recent client who holds an MBA in Human Resources Management and is a current Human Resources Manager for a local municipality said  to us “without assessing the impact of our programs, we don’t have the evidence we need to justify improvements or even a program’s existence. Without it, the City cannot determine if its investment is working or even justified. Assessment provided me with the evidence I had to have to recommend substantive changes.”

 Discovery Northwest advocates assessment and analytics. We have the expertise to help you create the analytics that will enable you to have the hard data you must have to make informed decisions, so you don’t rely on the past and make decisions in the dark.