We are committed to being the Independent Eye you need so we can provide you with unvarnished assessments that are not subject to influence by internal political interests or the relationship we forge between us. We know there is often a fine line between providing valuable client service and maintaining independence; however delicate that balance is; it is one we strive to maintain, because it is both fundamental to our character, beliefs, and practice; and crucial for effective consultation and change.

We operate within an ethical framework that won’t allow us to compromise on or skew our findings and conclusions to protect and advance future opportunities.

Independence of action and thought in assessment, analytics, and consultation are vital for our clients and every organization.

Without independence, findings and conclusions can’t always be trusted. Independence enables Discovery Northwest to offer unbiased and honest professional assessments and opinions. We know many clients have internal expertise to conduct their own assessments and analyze their own projects; however, we also realize clients are susceptible to bias which can lead to less than optimal decisions.

While we strive for independence, we closely collaborate with our clients as partners, committed to understanding what is happening and brainstorming effective solutions.

Independence for Discovery Northwest means that we will not and cannot function in the role of management; we will not and cannot audit our own work; we will not and cannot serve in an advocacy role for our clients; and we will not and cannot have a relationship that creates a mutual or conflicting interest for us.

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