Discovery Northwest serves clients across multiple sectors. They include:


•            Higher Education, Vocational Education and K-12 Education

•            Manufacturing

•            High Technology

•            Military

•            Government

•            Retail

The following are samples of our projects:

Case Study 1

Recently Discovery Northwest was retained by a private vocational school (PVS) to assess their program’s compliance with the State licensing standards and adoption of industry best practices. We immediately discovered that although the PVS had been providing educational services to their clients for decades, and were licensed by the appropriate State licensing agencies, that the school’s Management had failed to perform a single comprehensive program evaluation over the years, and had virtually no analytics to provide them with evidence they were meeting the State’s expected performance outcomes. We developed a systematic process for them that enabled their Management to acquire the analytics needed to establish that they were in compliance with licensing standards and to adopt and implement industry best practices. After further research, we discovered, our client’s situation was common throughout the industry;  we learned, very few, if any State licensed providers had the analytics needed to provide evidence they were meeting the State’s standards, achieving expected outcomes, or had adopted and implemented the recommended industry best practices. It was clear most of them had not performed systematic evaluations to acquire the analytics needed to demonstrate compliance or make necessary improvements. In short, most failed at impact assessment and analytics.

Case Study 2

Working with high-ranking military and civilian personnel at a local military base, one of our team members facilitated the use of professional development assessment tools and InsideOut Development’s GROW Model. Our team member was recognized for his contribution to the early completion of a $1.4B, 2.8-million-hour project.

Case Study 3

A large local employer realized while completing a grant application to expand their global leadership development program, that they could not answer fundamental questions about their program’s impact and outcomes. After retaining our firm, our new client, advised us that they needed analytics about program impact and effectiveness to complete their grant application. We advised them that we could develop a self-assessment for them to administer internally or create one for them that we would implement and manage. The client opted for a self-assessment that they could implement and manage internally. We developed the self-assessment for them. The client was enabled to develop the analytics needed to effectively complete their grant application. We were later retained by them to review the results and provide annual consultation for their self-assessment.